Money Moves to Make in these Uncertain Times

Hubert Senters here, let’s take a look at the markets today for daily wealth journal.

I’m going to show you some places that I am focusing on and that you may want to watch and potentially move some of your money into.

Now heads up at your money, it’s not my money, I’m just telling you what I’m doing.

So NASDAQ index selling off. It did sell off today, but bounce back into the cloud, I don’t think that’s over. It’s probably going to go a little bit lower, it’s got some support around 12,500 and 12,282.

so short, the NASDAQ that would be a sell NASDAQ and short tech, like Tesla.

Alright, so that makes sense too.

Other things that make sense to me that I’m going into are actively in right now.

I’m shorting interest rates, the 30 year, the 18 year, I’m currently short of the bund.

Bought some cryptocurrencies added to the positions today, on the massive sell off, it’s not the only dip I’ll buy.

I’ll buy as it goes lower, because I’m in it at such a smaller and lower price point.

And then I’m also focusing on being long some gold.

So when inflation starts to ramp up, usually what the people used to do as a general rule is we would go to either we would go into gold right?

When the when the market sells off, a lot of people will jump into bonds, well you can’t jump into bonds, because now the interest rates are going to start to rise.

So the bond market, the two year, the five year, the 10, year and the 30 year, all those are going to go lower, okay, they’re, I don’t see how they can’t go lower.

Now, they’re not going to go just dead lower. So they’ll be weird gyrations in there that you will have to mess with obviously.

And then another market you can be in will be the energy market over summer.

So those are all plays that I’m setting up for myself to potentially take advantage of.

And one more market that you may want to look at would be some some agriculture’s some grains, In other words.

the ones I like the best is going to be not that one, then terrible, would be bean oil, soybean oil.

So let’s let’s recap real quick, short indexes, the NASDAQ in particular and tech stocks like, Tesla, okay.
Short, treasuries, two year five year 10 year, 30 year and the bund, long gold, long cryptos long some crude oil or energy markets, and long, a little bit of bean oil.

I like those setups now you can obviously do whatever you want.

It’s your money.

I’m just telling you where I’m positioned on where I’m where I’m getting out of and where I’m focusing on now, I like to both go long and short.

Some of you may not like the short game, I understand. It’s usually reserved for professionals.

I don’t know why, because anybody can do it.

Just get a margin account or just open up a futures account and you can bring, you can bring a gun to a gunfight instead of bringing a knife to a gunfight.

So if you don’t have the ability to short, I would learn how to do it because it’ll make- the number one it’s a funner game.
Number two, it gives you the double opportunity to either make or lose money.

So it doubles your odds either way, either making money or losing money, because if you’re if you’re losing money just going long, just being able to short it will compound the issue.

So you definitely got to have some discipline.

That is my plan and I’m sticking to it.

Good luck.

Hope it helps.

I’ll see you on the next video.


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